Interest consumer credit | Interest consumer credit

Interest rates below zero and discounts  Competition for consumer credit is exacerbated. Our news The private lending business of the cooperative NB currently markets the Nebtra Bank in the best capitalistic way: The current discount of 20 percentage points is announced on the personal loan business. For the bank customers of the Nebtra Bank, 4.7 […]

Credit despite time limit.

It is not impossible to take out a loan with a temporary job. Is it possible to get a loan despite a temporary employment contract? The credit despite temporary employment contract “Forums Good day, does any of you have any experience with whether he takes a loan of about 2000 in spite of a fixed-term […]

Credit Limit Calculate Home Purchase | Calculate the credit limit home purchase.

You can now set your personal credit limit. It’s complicated, but it’s easy to do with our calculator, for example, on the amount of the credit limit, adjusted to the reality.  The majority of Austrian capital must be used to finance the purchase of real estate or housing. What about passive capital? Most often, this […]