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Building cost calculator – building society calculator

Building cost calculator - building society calculator

The building saver concludes with a savings bank a home savings contract, which consists of two parts: the saving of a certain amount of capital, which is subject to interest from the savings bank, and a home loan, the Perkesse provides on a specific date. In this way, the money can be awarded at a favorable interest rate, and the savings can only be low-interest, and vice versa.

The Berafund sum is also subsidized by the state through the benefits paid by the employer and the housing premium. The support depends on some boundary conditions such as the annual fee. With the help of the Berafund calculator can be determined, which credit is achieved with its own savings rate, its own capital-forming performance and a defined period.

The amount of savings must be between 3 and 10 per thousand of the building sum; For a house project of 150,000 euros this would amount to at least 450 euros per month. With the rendition of the Berafund contract, which is also dependent on the total stock of building societies, the customer gets the saved loan and the building loan for a building.

The due date is determined according to certain benchmarks set in the contract.

The due date is determined according to certain benchmarks set in the contract.

To what extent this is the case at which savings rate and after which contract period, is determined by the savings calculator. The exact time can not be determined in advance and can not be specified by the Perkesse. The savings and loan calculator displays the capital forming benefits.

They are granted to the employees by company agreement and transferred by the employer to an investment account of the employee, in this case the construction savings account. The regulations can be found in the Fifth Capital Formation Act; the federal government supports these benefits for tax purposes. The agio amounts to 8.8% of the Bersum sum, the interest on the credit and the additional fee.

It is paid up to the income threshold of 25,600 euros per person (double room for married couples). This supplement will only be paid if the building loan contract is used for the purchase of housing, construction or renovation. If the saver uses the savings account for other purposes, the insurance premium must be reimbursed. Exempted from this are, for example, disability, death, unemployment, posting and building society customers who were under the age of 25 under contract and have a lock on the credit balance of 7 years.

The Berafund makes the application for the housing premium at the savings bank,

The Berafund makes the application for the housing premium at the savings bank,

Get the appropriate government subsidies and credits them to the savings contract. With our building society calculator, you can determine in detail which savings you can save with a contract: You must make the following information in our savings calculator to calculate the savings, including the government subsidies of your savings contract ::

You enter here your own monthly savings rate, which you must bring into the contract and which makes up at least 3 per thousand of the total savings amount, including loans. For 100,000 euros this is 300 euros. Here you record the capital-forming benefits that your employer pays on your savings and loan account.

In most areas, the normal amount is about 25 euros. You can enter here the rate that your housing association pays you for the loan saved. The interest is shown in the construction loan agreement. Interest rates are staggered, for example 1.5 percentage points for three years, 2 years 2 percentage points and 2 years 3 percentage points.

He calculates the credit balance, which is composed of own savings, capital formation benefits, interest and housing premium after this period. Civil status has implications for certain subsidies; Married people receive slightly higher credit under the same conditions. The income limit is 25,600 euros for single people and 51,200 euros for marriages.

The results show you our Berafund tariff calculator, which also shows you the Berafund premium, the interest income and the interest on the Berafund contract.