The domestic interest

The domestic interest

Extraterrestrial The EU Tax Change Act 2016 regulates the limited tax liability on interest income on domestic interest. Since January 1, 2017, the interest on domestic interest is subject to the 25% limited tax liability and the issue payments by Austrian debtors to the withholding tax rate of 27.5%. Subject to Restricted Tax Debt (Foreigner’s KESt): No foreign withholding tax: If domestic and foreign private individuals are interested in a company, they are fully liable to tax and are thus subject to general withholding and foreign withholding tax on capital gains.

Medium: – If domestic interest income and the resulting capital gains tax (TeCt) are not forwarded to the registration authority, TeCt shall be deducted: At 31.12. an amount of the order of 6% of the repayment price, exceptions: Withdrawal of the foreign student’s KESt deduction: The form “IS-QU1” signed by the tax office of the country of residence is considered as residence certificate The residence certificate submitted shall be canceled by the end of the fifth calendar year the application is valid.

Subsequently, the account / custody account or all investment income subject to restricted tax liability will be subject to capital gains tax, unless a new certificate of residence has been added in the meantime. Interest income taxed in Austria with unlimited taxation is also subject to regular taxation in the country of residence of the beneficiary. The withholding tax deduction exceeding the flat rate according to the applicable double taxation agreement / DBA (if applicable) can be refunded by the taxpayer in Austria.

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Information for foreigners – Reasierbank Ricd and surroundings

Information for foreigners - Raiffeisenbank Ried and surroundings

Austria, like all other EU states, will introduce an automated file exchange with the passing of the EU Savings Tax Directive due to the current legal developments. In Austria this is the case. At the same time, an amendment to the Austrian Mutual Assistance Regulation comes into force in the summer of 2014. Thus, there is the possibility of corporate inquiries from abroad in Austria, also subsequently (eg Germany for tax periods from 01.01.11, Netherlands for tax periods from 01.01.2010): A group inquiry is a uniform suggestion that affects a variety of clients and a specific situation Fulfills.

It is required to forward the data of the clientele to the foreign authorities, without informing the clientele, if the clientele should fall under the group request. The current provisions of Austrian banking secrecy for residents remain unchanged! Therefore, we refer you to the following customer information.