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14 Best Toys for 9 Month Old Boys and Girls to Unwrap This Christmas

Babies will love these fun and educational picks.

a sensory taco toy and a mushroom doll with red gingham border
Melissa & Doug/Bla Bla Kids

The 9-month-old age group is so fun. Babies become more interactive than ever and their sweet personality really starts to shine. Perfect gifts for babies that are nine months include anything that promotes muscle development, hand-eye coordination, and toys that let them explore different sensory elements. We have rounded up the best the internet has to offer. These toys are backed by parents and reviews making it impossible to gift anything a nine month old won't love. Looking for more guaranteed good buys? Check out best baby products for fun items that will get your family through babyhood.

Whether you're looking for a Christmas present, baptism gift, or a "just because" present, you'll find something on this list that your 9 month old will love. Embrace this age. After all, before you know it, you'll be searching for the best one year old gifts and then gifts for toddlers!

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Pop-A-Tune - Piano Toy

This isn't just any piano toy. When the keys are pressed a ball pops out of the tube adding visual interest.

Haba USA
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Rainbow Discovery Mirror

Does your baby see their carseat as a prison? Try and make it a more enjoyable experience for them with this hanging mirror that has other sensory elements.

Haba USA
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Baby Ball Flower Magic

Balls of all shapes and sizes are a hit with young children. This one comes in a floral pattern, farm animals, and vehicles.

Melissa and Doug
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Melissa & Doug
Animal Stacking Cars
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Roll them and stack them for hours of play time fun!

Melissa and Doug
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Melissa & Doug
Multi-Sensory Soft Taco Fill & Spill Taco
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This taco is overstuffed with 11 different sensory experiences for baby to explore.

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Jurassic World Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs

There are many ways to play when it comes to this Jurassic Park- themed toy. Younger babies will love putting the egg tops on and off, while older babies will like using the spinning feature.

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The Explorer Play Kit

A Lovevery subscription will be coveted by baby for months to come. It consists of toys that are age appropriate and that grow with them as they meet new milestones. It even includes jingly keys!

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Paint Palette Press Toy

The dimples are irresistible to press and the paint palette shape is perfect for mouthing.

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Tikiri Toys
Safari Crocodile Natural Rubber Rattle

This non-toxic rubber rattle is as fun in the bath as it is to gnaw on.

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Tikiri Toys
Soft Baby Doll with Carry Cot and Blanket

Baby Grace will start as a cuddle buddy and evolve with your baby, who will learn to tuck the baby into her soft cradle and feed her a bottle.

Bla Bla Kids
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Mushroom Rattle Pippa

A knit rattle is the perfect size for small hands. They will love cuddling and shaking Pippa the Mushroom Rattle.

Brave Justice Kids Co
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Penguins Silicone Stacking Nesting Toy

Whether they are stacking or nesting these silicone penguins--babies are guaranteed to have a fun time.

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Silicone Suction Chicken Plate for Children

Now that your baby is mastering solids, it is time to get some fun plates for meal times. Silicone options that suction to the table may prevent messes and save your sanity. We love the chicken shape of this option.

Daily Lalo
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Stacking Cups

It is hard to have too many stacking and nesting toys as babies seem to be truly obsessed with this activity. This silicone set is soft making it safe for uncoordinated babies. The different size holes in each cup will turn boring bath times into riveting experiences.

Daily Lalo
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The Booster

Let baby have a seat right at the table with this booster seat. It takes up less space in the kitchen than a traditional high chair and makes family dinners easier to enjoy.

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