It’s a blessing to have long hair. While everyone is in love with your hair, only you know how to style it. Hairstyles for girls with long hair are not as easy as they seem because they require a lot of time, work and skills from you. Some people even consider cutting their hair with scissors. However, do not take such a harsh gesture! When it comes to your hair, you should never make rash decisions. You will quickly regret it. You are in the perfect place to get help if you have long hair and are looking for stylish and cute hairstyles. Today our youngest digital superstar comes to show you how to braid your long hair in a variety of styles. Yes, she is none other than Anushka Sen.

Anushka Sen, Indian actress and digital sensation has over 25 million Instagram followers. She frequently posts gorgeous pictures and gives insight into her life on social media. She has great taste in fashion. And today we are here to look at some of her awesome braided hairstyles.

Look at the images below.

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